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Bluefree messenger is the perfect business contact building and social networking smart phone messenger. Using various user defined options, bluefree’s patent pending technology silently and safely receives business card information with full pictures and logos from other bluefree users.

It is safe, secure and very fast.

Once you have the business cards in bluefree messenger, you can selectively choose who to invite to your contacts list. Once the other party accepts your invitation’ similar to any other messenger application’ you are free to chat using your smart phones data connection such as Edge, Wifi or WAP at anytime, anywhere.

Using Bluetooth enabled smart phones, you can easily grow your contacts on Bluefree messenger.

It’s fast, and very safe. It happens in seconds; simply walking past a person who has allowed the sending of their business card at an exhibition or social gathering will collect their details.

No need to pair the phones or accept requests of any kind.

The technology used simply listens for bluefree IDs, once It has gathered a user’s bluefree ID, your phone will connect to our secure service and download the business card information.

Simple, Easy, secure and Free*.

Business men and women use Bluefree to grow their personal and business contacts database and break through the contact barrier.


*The bluefree messenger application is free of charge you will however need to use an internet data package for Edge or WAP, please check with your local cellular provider.